Quick senior safety tips for home care and family caregivers

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senior living aging in place palm beach countyMany elders prefer to stay in their own home. To assist them while they do remain at home, many also opt for home care assistance. A caregiver, whether a family member or paid home care agency must be aware of home safety issues to ensure the wellbeing of seniors.

Due to the lack of coordination and reduced sensitivity to their environment, older individuals cannot appraise whether it poses a hazard on them. Thus, the responsibility lies mainly on the caregiver to keep an eye on them.

Concerning Home Safety Problems

Quick things to increase the safety in a senior’s home

Let’s concentrate on the safety characteristics of the house. While many safety improvements require a contractors help, there are simple things caregivers can do to improve safety in the home that can be done by family or friends.

  • Carpets- Place carpets in strategic places which can help prevent the possibility of elderly persons slipping.
  • Replace light switches with ones that are illuminated so that older adults get a quick visual cue when entering a darkened area.
  • Keep stairs safe – When handrails are even slightly slippery consider placing tape or a more abrasive surface over certain parts of the rail. Also, make sure all staircases are well-lit by replacing bulbs with higher wattages. If stairs become difficult to maneuver, a stair lift could be installed.
  • Carpet hazards – Remove any loose rugs or carpet runners, as they can cause slips. If rugs must stay be sure they have non slip carpet liners underneath the rug.
  • Hot water can be a hazard to the unsuspecting. Prevent scalding by decreasing the temperature at the water heater – Set it to120 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.
  • Keep the home well-lit. Install brighter light bulbs throughout the house. You may also add extra lighting, such as night lights. Another idea is to install remote light switches (remember the clapper?).
  • Basic bathroom safety features – Putting rubber mats in the bathtub to help prevent slipping. Getting in and out of the bathtub or toilet can be a challenge for seniors. Consider a special tub chair or bench or raised toilet seat.


Additional Items to increase safety that requires contractors

Some items may require the help of contractors. For example, when seniors are placed in wheelchairs, they may need the means to enter their home using the wheelchair.
Wheelchair accessible ramps will need to be installed.
Widening doors or hallways so that wheelchairs can fit through them.

Bathroom Safety

Bathroom safety can start with simple grab bars. When seniors have difficulty getting in an out of showers you might consider remodeling the shower with a low entry bath unit. These units have virtually no step to get into the bath making it much easier for a senior to handle.

Caregiver safety training

Should you decide to provide care for your self, or appoint a home care agent make sure, they are trained in home safety. We are familiar with Assisting Hands® Palm Beach which offers home care in Boynton Beach FL. They are an excellent local provider of home care services that ensure their caregivers are prepared to handle senior home care safety issues.

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Jane Snell

Jane Snell