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kitchen remodeling boynton beach flBeing the local leading service provider for Boynton Beach remodeling work is something we are quite proud of here at JS-1 Construction. We focus on consciously making a positive impact by offering remodeling work that can help improve the quality of your life. It is not just about enhancing the visual aesthetics of your home, it is about making this space safer or more user-friendly.

Since 2003, we have been proving our worth as both specialists and creative problem solvers. We want to be able to provide you with the best in workmanship as well as superior final results. Yet the results we offer should enhance your life, not just your home. From bathroom renovations focused on accessibility to complete kitchen remodeling in Boynton Beach, FL, our team of experienced remodeling contractors can give you the results you are looking for.

We specialize in Universal Design as well as offering safety from the storms that Florida is sometimes subjected to. Let us help to transform your current house into the home of your dreams. You never have to choose between functionality or visual appeal, when we can deliver both.

Aging in Place Specialists in Boynton Beach

Many of our clients lives are changed because of the work we do. An aging in place home can be the difference between relocating to an assisted living space or being able to remain in the home. Some of the details that we can take care of include:

  • Transformation of the bathroom to be much more compatible to your unique needs. Most importantly, our services help reduce the likelihood of a slip and fall accident occurring.
  • Let us modify your kitchen in order to make it more user-friendly. Move about with ease and regain the ability to prepare your own meals again.
  • Even your closets could use and update and an upgrade in order to be more accessible. We will lower shelving and swap out hardware in order to make this a space you can work with.

The bottom line is that we will work with each individual client to specifically meet your unique needs. Universal design enables all people to use a residential or commercial space, regardless of age or ability.

Your Boynton Beach Hurricane Protection Solutions Team

Let’s not overlook the importance of making your home better protected from hurricanes. Reducing the vulnerability of your doors and windows from hurricane winds can make all of the difference. Not to mention, having this added measure of protection will give you peace of mind.

No matter what remodeling work you need completed, JS-1 Construction is your go-to team. Get in touch with us today in order to schedule your project. Let us show you, in person, how we have earned the impeccable reputation that we have.

Boynton Beach, FL

If you are looking for a professional that specializes in bathroom renovations or kitchen remodeling in Boynton Beach, FL then please call JS-1 Construction at 954-410-9566 or complete our online request form.