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kitchen remodeling deerfield beach flJS-1 Construction is the premier choice for a number of types of remodeling projects, including more specialized niche ones. Our family owned and operated Deerfield Beach remodeling business has been around since 2003, and since that time the company has organically evolved to focus where the work was needed most. Over the years it became evident that aging in place, universal design and hurricane protection solutions were a high priority.

The problem was, as in demand as the service was, the local industry lacked genuine experts in this field. Our team was glad to step up to the plate and become that service provider. Now, you can feel confident knowing that you have a specialist to call on for work like this.

Not to mention, we also offer special consultant service for closing open permits and violations. These are existing issues that can stand in the way of you renovating your home, or even block you from being able to buy or sell your home. We can help address and do away with these issues, saving you time, money and a great deal of hassle.

From adding universal design elements to bathroom renovations to sophisticated kitchen remodeling in Deerfield Beach, FL, we’re the team of remodeling contractors you can rely on for quality workmanship, customer service, and – most of all – results.

Aging in Place Specialists in Deerfield Beach

The one thing that can make seniors feel more at ease with growing older, is the ability to age in place. Our job is to help make this possible and our goal is to do so in a manner that still retains the visual aesthetics you wanted. Some of the benefits that make this process all worthwhile include, but are not limited to:

  • Even with the upfront cost of getting the remodeling work done, this is still a more cost-effective alternative to an assisted living facility.
  • You have the ability to feel as though you are retaining your freedom and independence.
  • This makes it easier for family to come visit, and stay for more than just day time visiting hours.
  • Avoid the possible neglect that some facilities have come to be known for, due to staff shortages and overcrowding.

Have peace of mind that, while you are giving up life in an assisted living facility, you still have a safe environment. We can provide better lighting, slip-free surfaces for flooring and other details that will create a safe home environment for you.

Your Deerfield Beach Hurricane Protection Solutions Team

Take the best care possible of your home and loved ones, by safeguarding it from severe weather threats. JS-1 Construction can provide you with the best in hurricane protection solutions. We take this line of work seriously and it shows in the results that we are able to deliver for every job we take on.

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If you are looking for a professional that specializes in bathroom renovations or kitchen remodeling in Deerfield Beach, FL then please call JS-1 Construction at 954-410-9566 or complete our online request form.