Options for Universal Design When it Comes to Kitchen Remodeling in Palm Beach County

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universal design kitchen remodeling palm beach countyFinding a professional to address your need for kitchen remodeling in Palm Beach County is one thing. Locating one who is trained, experienced and skilled in the art of universal design is a completely different task. Universal design and aging in place are tasks that must be handled by a licensed Palm Beach County remodeling contractor, with expertise in this field.

This type of design and remodeling work is intended to make life easier for the needs of many people, regardless of age or ability. It is about making a home functional for a variety of different people. Because, let’s face it, traditional homes use a cookie-cutter approach and are made for an average person without room for flexibility.

Ways to Vastly Improve the Accessibility of Kitchens

Universal design for kitchen remodeling in Palm Beach Countyis a method that features what will work for all, including someone of average height and without disabilities. Yet it makes the room user-friendly for seniors, anyone with a disability and even those who have limited mobility. So what kind of features are possible?

  • Prep space is one of the key ingredients to a successful kitchen remodel, so what height should the counters be at? By incorporating multi-level countertops you can accommodate a variety of users’ needs. Lower counters help anyone in a wheelchair and higher countertops help seniors use them without the need to hunch over.
  • The same goes for lighting. Have lighting available in different locations that can be adjusted with ease. This will provide softer mood lighting when you are just hanging out or cleaning up after dinner. Yet also offers brighter light for taking care of important tasks, especially any involving the use of a knife, or other sharp objects.
  • Using levers in place of faucet handles to turn on water for the sink is another way to make the kitchen user-friendly for all. The same goes for picking the right handles for door knobs, drawer pulls and cabinet doors.
  • Even the height of the light switches is something to consider. If standard placement is being used, consider a remote control in order to make this easier to use for anyone who has access to your kitchen.

The bottom line is that it is about making your kitchen safer and more accessible for anyone who might need to use it. 

Pick the Perfect Universald Design Expert for Palm Beach County Kitchen Remodeling

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Jane Snell

Jane Snell