5 Important Aging In Place Home Modifications

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5 Important Aging In Place Home ModificationsAt some point as we or our loved ones age, we may consider aging in place at our Palm Beach County homes. If you opt to do so or to have a loved one do so, you’ll need to add some home modifications to ensure that this experience is as comfortable and, above all else, as safe as can be. So, once you’ve decided that you or a loved one will be aging in place, call your remodeling experts for the following home modifications:

Grab Bars in the Bathroom

Hygiene is important – perhaps even more so as we age and we become susceptible to issues that can arise from poor hygiene. So, throughout our lives, the wash room will always be a key place in our homes. Of course, this room can also be one of the more dangerous places in an elderly individual’s home since it poses a high risk of slip-related injuries. To reduce these risks, install grab bars in the bathroom. Grab bars will provide some great benefits for elderly folks:

  • Reduced risk of fall-related injuries
  • Better mobility and freedom in the bathroom
  • Peace of mind when bathing

Improved Lighting

As we mentioned above, fall-related injuries are one of the greater concerns that can plague elderly people, so they need to take every precaution they can to reduce the likelihood of sustaining a fall. Of course, not all falls occur in the bathroom. They can occur anywhere, and oftentimes, they can occur because someone didn’t see an object in their way. To ensure that you or your loved one can clearly see any trip hazards, you need to improve the lighting in your home.

Slip-Resistant Flooring

You can have the brightest, clearest home there is, but the fact remains that falls can still occur. After all, slippery floors are still very much a problem to consider, so you need to make sure your floors are as slip-resistant as can be. Of course, if you spent your life adding tile and hardwood flooring to your home, you may need to make a change and have them replaced with slip-resistant options that will help prevent dangerous falls.

Smart Home Technologies

We’re living in the 21st Century. We don’t need to rely on old-timey gimmicks in order to age in place in a comfortable and enjoyable manner anymore. After all, we have technology, and we can use this technology to ensure that our homes are as comfortable as can be as we live out our golden years. So, to age at home in the most comfortable and enjoyable manner possible, consider installing smart home technologies to handle a number of routine tasks:

  • Operating the lights
  • Doorway sensors
  • Wearable technologies to monitor movement
  • Medical alerts

Lever-Style Doorknobs

Remaining safe shouldn’t be your only concern when it comes to aging in place. You should also stop and consider the comfort aspect. After all, it’s important to remain comfortable in your home, especially when you hit an age when comfort isn’t always easy to maintain. Since arthritis is likely to develop at this time, you need to look into adding lever-style doorknobs to your home to make it easy and comfortable to go from room to room as arthritis develops.

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Jane Snell

Jane Snell